The One Per Learner book is the first of a set of three pocket books written by the late Pam Copson.First published in 1982,this has proved to be the best-selling Bellringing book of all time.

Ilustrated with pen and ink sketches on 40 pages,the book has scores of boxes to tick and activities to do. The sketches illustrate the parts of a bell,the correct way to stand and pull a bell-rope. There are excercises to try out at practice nights:can you balance or stop your bell accurately ten times out of ten? Compact diagrams explain the basics of change-ringing and again,there are lots of excercises to complete.At 70 pence each they are cheap enough to keep a small stock in the tower. As well as handing out One per learner, use them as promotional material when encouraging visitors to try their hand.

A guide to learning twenty four methods, progressively arranged, from Plain Bob Doubles through Cambridge Surprise Major. Includes for each method: table of numbers for plain course (blue line emphasised); circle of work; tables for bobs and singles; what to do at the next lead end (emphasising learning by place bells); and useful tips.

Price £2.50

Price 85 pence